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[Discuss] privacy with pgp keys

On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 11:28:47AM -0700, Rich Braun wrote:
> This thread about PGP inconvenience reminded me of the yet-unsolved problem of
> dealing with finance professionals.  H&R Block (a firm for which I once
> worked, as a front-line preparer) has a "secure portal" which their corporate
> parent encourages customers to use for document transfer.  Yet the guy I
> worked with at the downtown office this year said he had no access to that, so
> I had to hand over my docs on a thumb drive.

Odds are pretty good that he technically does have access
there... and has never figured out how to use it. Or it is
unreliable. Or it *was* unreliable when he was first told
to use it.

Human problems. Difficult to solve.

> Last year I bought a home, and found myself having to dig out an antique *fax*
> machine to "securely" send documents.  Some of the participants used the
> Docusign cloud service, but for the most part everything had to be done
> old-school. (And I'm not at all convinced that Docusign addresses many of the
> security fears that I have whenever I transmit credit- and income-related
> paperwork.)

I read through their terms of service on the customer end a few
months ago. It's not entirely horrendous, but it's not great,
either. They don't do end-to-end encryption. What they do is

- all access is authenticated with username/password or better
  (several kinds of 2FA are available)

- all access goes through HTTP/SSL (ok, TLS) with reasonable
  algorithm choices

- all files received get dropped into encrypted filesystems
  along with hashes.

- they replicate the filesystems to 3 data centers, probably by
  sending off copies of new files as they come in.

- they log things off-system and sign the logs

Most importantly, they have managed to convince regulatory
authorities that this is sufficient for legal paperwork,
including contracts to authorize sending lots of money various


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