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[Discuss] 'Mr. Robot' & ProtonMail

Yeah, I'm a fan of this show as well and was happy to learn that it has
been renewed for a second season. Can't wait to get caught up on S1.

Came across this today:

    In their research about Elliot, the producers of ?Mr. Robot? felt
    that the character would want a feature in the email service that
    allows him to check if there is any covert surveillance on him. The
    producers proposed that a secure email service ought to provide an
    email access log that would allow the users to check when and from
    where their account has been accessed.

    ?It turned out that a very large number of our users were also
    interested in having the same feature in ProtonMail. As a result, we
    built and released this feature to our users and it was extremely
    well-received, meaning the 'Mr. Robot' producers really do
    understand how cybersecurity-conscious individuals tend to think,?
    [co-founder Andy] Yen said.

Also, TIL, ProtonMail has open sourced their web client


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