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[Discuss] Cloud-backup solutions for Linux?

Depending what the person's use case is, sometimes "good enough" is "good
enough".  I can deal with my wife or one of my kids mistakenly naming
something with a bad character, because I only care that they can re-open
it on their computer, not on mine.  If they can save the file on a mac, and
re-sync back to a mac, then we're good.  Same goes for Windows to Windows
or Linux to Linux.  We rarely share files with each other and across
platforms.  It's mainly to keep a copy of what's on our computers offsite.
The cost is also almost zero for me since I maintain my own servers for
business.  So I allocate a small VM in my business.

As far as the interrupted sync. So far it hasn't happened, and for a
personal backup solution, I can deal with this and call it "good enough".
If we had a disaster with one or all our computers and I managed to recover
99% of my files from my ownCloud setup, I'd be more than happy because of
how little I've spent on the setup.

Again, if this were a business solution, I would pay for something that's
been proven and I know it's 100% solid.  My work computer has both
BackBlaze and I use DropBox Business.


On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 7:39 AM, Edward Ned Harvey (blu) <blu at>

> > From: Matt Shields [mailto:matt at]
> >
> > So far have not had a single issue.
> I repeat the question: What happens if you interrupt the client or network
> in the middle of a file transfer? What happens if you create a file with a
> disallowed character in its name?
> Be sure to md5sum or something, before and after transfer, to ensure
> you'll notice if anything unexpected occurs.
> Be sure to look at the filesystem of the platforms where the disallowed
> character is disallowed. To see what appears there, if anything.
> > My main reason for not using something like Synctuary, Dropbox, etc is
> > this:  I would rather write a
> > custom rsync (or something else for Win) script to automatically sync my
> > personal files rather than pay for something.
> Synctuary is free for up to 3 users. Although the OP specifically asked
> about linux, and I admit the linux Synctuary client isn't as good as it
> should be. Ubuntu only, and sometimes crashes.
> But never causes data loss, which is more than I can say for the
> competition.

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