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[Discuss] Cloud-backup solutions for Linux?

As the cloud gets all cool, remember the virtues of off-line backups. 
There have probably been a lot of folks who maybe had great backups, 
what were physically redundant and maintained versions back in time, but 
were all online and susceptible to malware that wants to encrypt and 
hold files hostage. Having a cumbersome and time consuming component to 
backups can add the extra delay needed to discover something is terribly 

-kb, the Kent who also never types scary commands like "rm -rf 
/home/jruser/somedirectory" in left-to-right order, for fear he might 
bump the return too soon; rather he types out the base command, then the 
entire path complete... and only then goes back and adds the dangerous 

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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