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[Discuss] DMARC, SPF, DKIM

On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 05:16:01PM +0000, Edward Ned Harvey (blu) wrote:
> Because I'm pretty sure there's a relatively high concentration of people here who maintain their own mail servers, I want to bring this up as an often overlooked practice you should be following:
> It is advisable to use DMARC (, in addition to SPF and/or DKIM. DMARC addresses common problems of SPF and DKIM; specifically, DMARC was created because so many domains have SPF and DKIM misconfigured, resulting in recipient mail servers often ignoring the SPF and DKIM failures.
> Utilizing *all* SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, yields the highest confidence threshold, and best result.

I have been perfectly happy running (at home)
and $WORKPLACE's mail servers with none of DMARC, SPF or DKIM
for years and years now.

There was a short period of time where and
didn't want to accept mail from me directly. That time went away
some years ago.


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