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[Discuss] Mail screwed the pooch

This is David Kramer on my GMail which I rarely use... up to now.

*Short version*:
In desperate need of help getting mail set up on my Linode server because
my home mail server that is now on Verizon FiOS with DHCP can't send mail
anymore.  Time-sensitive because I leave for a trip Wednesday.

*Long version*:
Ya know when I asked about running a mail server on a dynamic IP because I
wanted to switch from Comcast Business w/static IP to Verizon FiOS, and
half the respondents (and Google searches) said it would work and half said
it's dangerous as hell?  Well, I can no longer send mail because I'm
getting a "Connection time out" from pretty much everywhere now.  I can no
longer send mail from thekramers,net.  This is bad.

I set up a mail server (postfix/dovecot/MySQL/procmail) on a Linode box
right before I switched providers, but with a different domain name that I
own (  I *THINK* it's working but I really didn't put a lot of
rigor into the testing, and I also had to rely on a slew of different web
sources to put all the pieces together.  There are parts that I don't fully
understand because it relies in virtual users, which I never did before
this.  In fact I never used MySQL-backed postfix/dovecot before.

To be clear, I'm not a complete newb on this, and understand what postfix,
dovecot, procmail are doing and the basics of the procmail config files.
But not enough to guarantee safely doing it all myself.

*The big complication*:
This happened almost a week ago.  I am leaving for a conference on
Wednesday and would rather not do so without the ability to send mail.  I
don't really have the time before then to try to hack through this myself
*AND* vett that it's secure.

I would like someone to either help me/work with me to get it configured
right (we can do screen sharing and I can give you a login into the box
temporarily), or you working alone in your time and taking notes so I
understand what was done.  I wish I had the time to go back and forth with
Q&A emails to help over the list, but I don't.

*I am willing to pay* for this because I realize this isn't fun work, and
neither is working under time pressure, but I'm not a SysAdmin and most of
you are, so it may be 2 hours work for one of you and 2 weeks work for me.
I also value other people's time.

Ideally this would be done Monday night or Tuesday night, with Sunday
day/night being less desirable but possible.

*Minimum Goal*:

   - Add handling for 3-5 email addresses to my Linode server
   - Secure it

*Bonus goals*:

   - Adding a real secure cert so I can do imaps/https without warnings.
   I'm OK with paying as recent conversations on the list have uncovered the
   problems with the free ones.
   - Adding certs for multiple domain names, as I would like to move my web
   server functionality to this box too.

You can reply to this email if you are interested, or text me at
7812548601, which would be a lot faster.


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