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[Discuss] Mail screwed the pooch

On Sat, 2 Apr 2016 10:17:37 -0400
David Kramer <dj.segfault at> wrote:

> This is David Kramer on my GMail which I rarely use... up to now.
> *Short version*:
> In desperate need of help getting mail set up on my Linode server
> because my home mail server that is now on Verizon FiOS with DHCP
> can't send mail anymore.  Time-sensitive because I leave for a trip
> Wednesday.

Does Linode give you an SMTP server, external to your Linode VM server,
that you can use? Do you have another ISP? Do you have Gmail?

What I do when for whatever reason I can't get my trip notebook to send
as my normal address, is I use a different SMTP and in the comment I
put "Steve Litt from Troubleshooters.Com".

Is it ideal? No. Is it consumately professional? No. Is it better than
not being able to send email at all? You bet!

I hope you get your home mail server fixed before you leave, but if I
were you, I'd first make sure you can send through gmail or some other
facility, just in case.


Steve Litt 
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