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[Discuss] Apple FUD?

On 04/02/16 11:04, Mike Small wrote:
> IngeGNUe <ingegnue at> writes:
>> I support some Macs in my day job and I was troubleshooting the Mac not
>> writing to NTFS; then I thought, oh, let me just edit /etc/fstab, right?
>> Well...apparently, Apple says this is "experimental" and unsupported and
>> maybe maybe maybe will break something.
>> That strikes me as weird because /etc/fstab has been around forever. Is
>> this just FUD, is Apple prone to FUD? Or...have they broken
>> compatibility with such things as you would see in GNU and BSD?
> I don't use Macs currently but it doesn't sound like FUD to me so much
> as a matter of their OS happening to have been built upon BSD, what,
> cause that other thing didn't work out and the BeOS guy wanted more
> money or something, but they're free, even more so than Redhat
> employees, to do whatever the hell they want. If it suits them to keep a
> particular aspect of the Unixy layer familiar to Unix users great. If
> instead they want to hand disk layout over to a chunk of closed C++
> system code instead, without troubling themselves to test if if said
> chunk will choke on your GNU or BSD inspired edits, well, at least they
> warned you about it.
> But you must have missed a memo. Apparently we're not supposed to
> question whether a Mac is good as a Unix system because if you don't
> like anything about it you can always run a different operating system
> in a virtual machine running on it. (Sorry, I seem to have left a nerve
> exposed.)
Woowee. Thanks. Duly noted!

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