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[Discuss] licensing: who freakin cares?

On 4/10/2016 12:55 PM, IngeGNUe wrote:
> Describing people as RMS "adherents" because they like the GPL and ideas
> behind it (implying that they fully agree with the words and actions of
> some bearded guy) is erasing their autonomy.

Adherent: a person who follows or upholds a leader, cause, etc.;
supporter; follower. If the shoe fits, etc., etc.

Not poisoning the well. I repudiate and ridicule things RMS and his
adherents have already said, not things they are about to say.

On 4/10/2016 12:27 AM, Eric Chadbourne wrote:
> You know that isn't gonna happen.  Diversity of schemes could be
> beneficial.

I don't *know* that it won't happen. I certainly expect it won't happen
simply because there are enough people out there who refuse to be drawn
into the copyleft trap.

Rich P.

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