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[Discuss] Permission denied

On April 21, 2016, Rich Pieri wrote:
>You're just looking in the wrong place for the answer. The lock
>isn't on bar and bar2. It's on foo. bar and bar2 inherit from parent foo
>and it sounds like someone removed the Administrators group ACL from it
>(or perhaps it was never there). You could use icacls to break bar's and
>bar2's inheritance from foo or you could use icacls to restore full
>access to the Administrators group to foo.

If only it were that simple. The Administrators ACL already has Full
Control of parent "foo" and all its contents, recursively. We have
also run a recursive "Change Permissions" operation several times for
"foo", just to be sure, without fixing the problem.

Actually it's even worse. The first recursive "Change Permissions"
operation failed repeatedly with "Permission Denied." (Woo-hoo.) So I
had to forcibly take ownership of the "foo" tree (recursively setting
Owner = me personally), then run the Change Permissions operation on
the tree (successfully), and then set the owner back to the original
value. And it still didn't fix the problem with folder "bar" being

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