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[Discuss] Looking for a replacement RSS/Atom feed reader extension for use with Firefox

I've been using the SAGE RSS feed reader extension for Firefox on
Linux desktops for some time now and am relatively happy with its
features.  Unfortunately, it seems like recently when it checks my
(extensive) feeds for new content, it locks up my browser and pegs a
cpu at 100% for 10-20 seconds.   So I'm looking for alternatives.

One thing I like about SAGE is that it maintains its list of feeds as
bookmarks.  I make use of Firefox sync and by syncing bookmarks across
multiple systems, I can access my feeds from multiple systems.   I
really like having my feed reader be part of Firefox as it suits my
personal workflow.   I would prefer not to use a 3rd party feed
aggregator as I don't want to depend on them being around (i.e. Google
Reader debacle).  An extra bonus would be if the extension also worked
d with Firefox for Android.   I've looked at LiveBookmarks and they
seem rudimentary when it comes to managing feeds.   It also requires
you to click through to see anything but the title.

Any suggestions?   I would consider a non-Firefox extension if it was
Android/Linux desktop cross-platform, wasn't an aggregator, and had an
easy way to sync feeds across multiple systems.

Bill Bogstad

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