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[Discuss] EOMA68 Computer

On 07/20/16 20:40, Don Silvia wrote:
> Anyone else see a correlation between Windows and electronic waste? 
> Sure, you Linux folks use older hardware and don't see a need to throw
> it out.  But most PCs and laptops run Windows.  It gets loaded with
> malware and Windows updates so the performance declines, often to the
> point of being unusable. Then it's "slow" so head off to Best Buy and
> get a new one.  Repeat cycle.
> Don

Absolutely. Most people don't know any better and Best Buy ain't gonna
turn customers away.

Goes back to the comment about software being partly to blame for
planned obsolescence.

Macs are like that too, aren't they? I heard when you needed an upgrade,
you had to get a new device. I think Apple might be mostly responsible
for the 'disposable phones' syndrome.

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