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[Discuss] EOMA68 Computer

On Wed, Jul 20, 2016 at 8:40 PM, Don Silvia <don.silvia at> wrote:

> Anyone else see a correlation between Windows and electronic waste?  Sure,
> you Linux folks use older hardware and don't see a need to throw it out.

?No not at all. This happened to my Samsung galaxy s5. I could no longer
install or update apps even after cleaning up my files and moving
everything I could to SD. I reset it and it's running fine now.
The reset and updates were pretty painless since it kept track of apps and
settings on my Google account. I was able to choose the ones I wanted by
acting quickly and after a couple of hours my phone was like a new device. *I
almost replaced it for no reason.* It would have been nice but unnecessary.

With windows you have to restore more apps and settings but it's not too
bad.  Linux which is just as susceptible to accumulation of cruft, and
lacks the magic of the built in recovery partition to reset to factory
condition almost all Windows devices have.

?The best thing about the package is that it's productized the hardware and
os with a collection of drivers.  But there is a possible refresh gap. You
will have to think about this ahead of time even with the EMOA88 package.

With Linux you usually have to re-patch and pull together a patchwork of
drivers often with sketchy support for all hardware features. To refresh
it, if you are not carefull, you have to repeat this entire process. That
is fine if you like it and are doing it anyway to try out new distros but
for general public use to impact ejunk there is a consumer gap with Linux.

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