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[Discuss] EOMA68 Computer

On Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 10:37 AM, Bill Bogstad <bogstad at> wrote:

> ought a $300 special for occasional
> use

Realistically we must be willing to replace any number of parts ourselves
to avoid unnecessary ejunk. ... or pay for the durability of  a
"business-class" or mil spec system. Build parts durability and testing are
shoddy in low-priced consumer systems.

*Mil spec* creates a tiered market where durability prices are driven up.
It's a reasonable but fairly unsubstantiated conjecture but something
should be done to study and counteract this unintended effect.

The problem is that we can re-buy cheap systems a few times over for the
same price as a durable one. It costs us a premium to avoid creating ejunk.

Parts quality is one place the savings come from and for that we just have
to service the system. Lowering the hassle and price of doing so is a great

The other place of savings for cheap electronics is de-modularization so
that the storage, ram, and charge port are all built onto the main board.
Here in this spec we see these most of these same de-modularization issues.

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