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[Discuss] AT&T eliminating copper phone lines

On Tue, March 28, 2017 3:23 pm, Daniel Barrett wrote:
> On March 28, 2017, Derek Atkins wrote:
>>> 2. Add phone service to my existing Verizon FIOS Internet plan. (Con:
>>> I lose my phone number of 25 years.)
>>I don't understand this second point.  Why can't you port your existing
>>phone number over?
> I don't understand it either, but Verizon has confirmed it (twice).
> Apparently, my home number is special. 95% of home numbers can be
> ported to their FIOS Voice service, but mine can't.
> However, they can port it to Verizon Wireless. Weird.

Very weird!  I wonder if you could port it to VZW and then to FiOS?  Or
maybe, as someone else suggested, port to Google Voice and then have that
redirect to FiOS?  I can't understand why you could port to VZW but not
FiOS.  That's just weird.

You could also call your alarm company and ask them for a recommendation? 
My alarm uses cellular to connect back to the monitor.

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