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[Discuss] AT&T eliminating copper phone lines

I suspect that AT&T's answer to the alarm question is "tough noogies".

If I had to buy a new system now I'd be looking seriously at
SimpliSafe. They're based here in Boston, the install is DIY and
cheaper than having alarm company people do it, and monitoring is a
mere $15/month with no contract. It works over cellular so you don't
need a landline. That means the monitoring won't work if there is a
long power outage, but you're no better off with fiber or cable.

Disclosure: one of my housemates works for them.

On Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 3:26 PM, Robert La Ferla <robert at> wrote:
> As of 2003, it is required by law that they allow you to port your local phone number to a wireless carrier but local to local isn?t required.
> <>
>> On Mar 28, 2017, at 3:23 PM, Daniel Barrett <dbarrett at> wrote:
>> On March 28, 2017, Derek Atkins wrote:
>>>> 2. Add phone service to my existing Verizon FIOS Internet plan. (Con:
>>>> I lose my phone number of 25 years.)
>>> I don't understand this second point.  Why can't you port your existing
>>> phone number over?
>> I don't understand it either, but Verizon has confirmed it (twice).
>> Apparently, my home number is special. 95% of home numbers can be
>> ported to their FIOS Voice service, but mine can't.
>> However, they can port it to Verizon Wireless. Weird.
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