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[Discuss] I Hate Ubuntu

Robert Krawitz <rlk at> writes:

> On Wed, 09 May 2018 12:40:38 +0000, Mike Small wrote:
>> These descriptions from are a bit funny:
>> "The network configuration abstraction renderer
>> Netplan is a utility for easily configuring..."
>> abstraction renderer? Pfft. What's so abstract about network interfaces?
> Try running OpenShift Origin, say, on a system that also supports
> multiple guests (for example, an OpenShift cluster on a single
> domain!).

So maybe the problem is with wanting one operating system to fit all
problems. Was listening to a John Maddog Hall interview where he
described the "bad old days" when there were 7 or 8 operating system on
PDP _'s (forget the model he named), each for different purposes,
e.g. real time, real time but not so much as the last one, ...  So now
maybe the time is ripe to swing back a little.

No doubt the people coming up with this stuff are bright people, but
their problems are in tension with what I want when I'm a home user and
hobbiest. I'd think the people doing cloud work are in large
organizations and ought to settle on some specialized OS, or set of
OSes, or at least, distributions rather than make the rest of the world
walk along with them. But practically, I guess the more reasonable
solution is for me to budge and treat GNU/Linux, or at least the most
mainstream distros, the way I used to treat Windows (i.e. the stuff need
to know for work) and settle on a different OS for home use, where

And the world would be much more interesting if there were other heavily
used free software operating systems. Maybe there'd even be ones not
coming out of Unix heritage. E.g. it's a shame ReactOS isn't further
along so Win32 experts could hack on it and make it their own. Also
would be very nice to have things based on the old successes the
Smalltalk and Lisp people had.

Mike Small
smallm at

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