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[Discuss] I Hate Ubuntu

On Tue, 8 May 2018 16:05:20 -0400
Dan Ritter <dsr at> wrote:

> On Tue, May 08, 2018 at 02:39:37PM -0400, Richard Pieri wrote:
> > Specifically, I hate Ubuntu 17 and 18.
> > 
> > Specifically, I hate Netplan which is a requirement in Ubuntu 17
> > and 18. 
> required? it's not automatically overruled by the presence of
> interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces?
> sheesh. Change to Debian. 

Or better yet, Devuan.

> It may be full of systemdistas, but
> /etc/network/interfaces is still authoritative.
> (Also: `apt install sysv-rc sysvinit-core sysvinit-utils` will
> restore sysvinit as your init system, while allowing most
> systemd-infected things to work. 

The preceding formula works now, but might not work in the future.
Devuan is systemd-free for the long term.

> Or you could look at nosh,
> which is a pretty plausible
> attempt at getting a daemontools-style init system going.)

I'd highly recommend the daemontools-inspired runit or s6 inits over


Nosh tries too hard to reproduce all systemd "features" and in doing so
becomes overly complex.

For an easy way to get your feet wet with runit, just install Void
Linux ( in a VM or spare hardware computer.
Void Linux comes from the factory using runit for its init system.


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