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[Discuss] I Hate Ubuntu

On Sat, May 12, 2018, 11:46 Eric Chadbourne <sillystring at>

> Ubuntu doesn?t or at least didn?t contribute upstream in funds or or code.

Regarding code, I do not believe that to be literally true. Hoarding
patches for internal use is foolish at best, and a GPL violation if
(They have been 'guilty' of not releasing all their new code - e.g. open-core
with proprietary value-adds - but everyone does that, and it's not
'upstream' if they invented it, it's just releasing. If they invent and
release something, and Debian adopts it, then they are the upstream to
Debian for that.)

Regarding funds, has Ubuntu ever achieved profitability? (If so how and
when?) If not so, why would anyone expect them to send Mark's money

I too have been FreeBSD curious.

*BSD is great for servers. As a "former" Security type, I respect OpenBSD's
commitment to security out of the Box. A recent client had a mix of Centos
and *BSD servers, worked fine. I might have notes to remind me whether it
was FreeBSD or OpenBSD.

What I'm curious about is which *BSD has good APCI support? I do want my
laptop to act like a laptop. One advantage of Commercial distros - Ubuntu
and RedHat - is they test new big brand laptops early. (OTOH I really
prefer older Lenovos now, so maybe that matters less for me now?) Or should
I give up and embrace Darwin/BSD (aka MacOSX) for the laptop?

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