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[Discuss] I Hate Ubuntu

On Sun, May 13, 2018, 11:37 Eric Chadbourne <sillystring at>

> "...Canonical, creator of Ubuntu, isn't even cited once in the Linux
> Foundation's report as a significant source of patches
> <>.
> This actually isn't news to those who have followed Canonical for some
> time..."

There's a lot more Upstream than just  the Kernel.
(Or even than Gnu and Kernel as RMS would have us repeat.)

No surprise that Kernel contributions come mostly from virtualization and
hardware vendors.

Rather more interesting would be a report from Ubuntu's upstream full
distro, Debian.

There was no doubt a major decrease in upstream contributions to Gnome
during the Unity circus.

(I also wonder if would credit a patch pushed upstream
indirectly via Debian by an Ubuntu-employed DD as U or D? IDK offhand if
Debian records corporate source of patches by DDs?)

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