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Linux on Notebooks

Yes, some people are "here".

If you don't find an experienced Linux sysadmin, you might want to take a
look at "Linux Encyclopedia", John Purcell and Amanda Robinson, eds.,
WorkGroup Solutions, 5th Edition, 1997.  I bought my copy at SoftPro,
Burlington, MA.  WGS can be reached at info at or
The book is more than 1850 pages of fine print consisting of 101 "HOWTOs".
HOWTO number XXII is "The Linux GCC-HOW TO".

Another book to consider is "Linux System Administrator's Survival Guide",
Tim Parker, Sams Publishing, 1996.  This is a 700 page book written by a
single author with an excellent understanding of Linux.  I found this book
at Barnes & Noble, Burlington, MA.

Finally, there is "Linux Configuration and Installation", Patrick
Volkerding, Kevin Reichard & Eric Foster-Johnson, The MIS Press, 3rd
Edition, 1997. This 500 page book contains some excellent information.
Chapter 1 includes eleven pages devoted to Linux on Laptops.  I found this
book at SoftPro, Burlington, MA.

If you drive to Burlington, you can look at all three books and decide if
any of them are worth buying.  Then, when you do your installations, you
will know which error messages to record so you can bring them to someone
who really knows Linux.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.


>first, is there anyone there?
>I am looking for someone who can install RH, Matlab for Linux, gcc or
>some other C compiler, on my PPro and my thinkpad.  Any suggestions?
>Jon Putnam

drcogley at
David R. Cogley, 53 Cedar Creek Road, Sudbury, MA 01776-1004

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