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No subject

At 07:44 PM 1/20/98 -0500, you wrote:
>first, is there anyone there?
>I am looking for someone who can install RH, Matlab for Linux, gcc or
>some other C compiler, on my PPro and my thinkpad.  Any suggestions?
>Jon Putnam

I have had extensive experience with thinkpads, and yes linux can be
installed on them. Thinkpads are a pain in their own right, but when
configured properly they are extremely stable. any more information abot
the model thinkpad? does it have an mwave modem/sound card?

a few good resources on this topic are


I have installed Linux on a thinkpad before and the only real problem was
that the user had a modem, a PCMCIA ethernet (3COM) and an ISA ethernet
card (3COM Etherlink III) for when he was using his docking station. Redhat
has come quite aways with PCMCIA support, the the above scenario may not be
an issue

						-Phil Molloy

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