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Philip Molloy wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

 PM> I have installed Linux on a thinkpad before and the only real 
 PM> problem was that the user had a modem, a PCMCIA ethernet (3COM) 
 PM> and an ISA ethernet card (3COM Etherlink III) for when he was 
 PM> using his docking station. Redhat has come quite aways with 
 PM> PCMCIA support, the the above scenario may not be an issue

There is a minor bug in several distributions of Linux, including specifically
the latest Debian 1.3.  When the PCMCIA manager daemon is loaded, it should be
invoked with the "-d" switch to enable module loading through modprobe instead
of insmod so that dependencies will be checked.  In the case of Debian 1.3, the
appropriate line in /etc/init.d/pcmcia needs to be edited so that the full
command is given as "/sbin/cardmgr -d" instead of just "/sbin/cardmgr".

This particular problem will affect support for all 3Com PCMCIA cards that I
know about, including all which depend upon the 3C589 driver.  My combined
3C562 LAN+Modem card uses the 3C589 driver for LAN support.

By the way, it is also a good idea to download the latest firmware and upgrade
your card's flash memory contents using the utility available from 3Com's web
site, "";.
-- Mike

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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