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Kent Borg wrote:
> Derek Martin <ddm at> wrote:
> >SSH also replaces rcp.
> Very nice.  Slight problem, at my work the firewall isn't letting my
> ssh sessions out.  I can't ssh to my box or to the World, but I can
> ssh from the World to my box.  This leads me to believe the firewall
> is at fault, however, our sys admin-type says he managed to ssh out
> and back in to ourselves (we have two external connections at the
> moment as we wonder whether Winstar will go under or not we haven't
> shut down our old RCN wire).
> Any ideas what might be wrong?

Have you tried ssh's -P option?  From `man ssh`:

"Use a non-privileged port for outgoing connections.  This can be
used if your firewall does not permit connections from privileged
ports.  Note that this option turns off RhostsAuthentication and
RhostsRSAAuthentication for older servers."


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