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I have successfully set up and used both the VNC
server and client on both Linux and Windows. Have you
visited the VNC web site? There is some good
documentation there.

One thing comes to mind, when you connect to a Windows
box running vncserver you do not need to specify a
console number (windows has only one), but when you
connect to a linux box you should add a console number
after the ip address (seperated by a colon)

  Example: (or :1)

If you use a Linux vnc client connecting to a windows
(NT or 2K) vnc server use the f8 key to get functions
like send ctrl-alt-del which is nessasary to login to
NT and/or 2k. Make sure you send ctrl-alt-del again
BEFORE you end your vnc session or you will leave the
Windows box logged in with your account(big security

I hope this is helpful.

--- PLee <dealer at> wrote:
> Hi, 
> Have any one install VNC in linux ?
> I installed VNC Server and use the command:
> vncserver to start the vnc.
> When I use client (vncviewer) to connect the VNC
> server and got the error message: do not find vnc
> server,
> Can any one help.
> BTW, I also have no ideal to config the vncserver.
> Anyone can help ?
> Peter Lee

.           Regards,       
          Vince McHugh
     Systems Support Manager

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