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SPAM filters

Anyone care to share good procmail recipies for filtering SPAM?  Or any other
ideas.  Any recommendations as to which databases are effective, overzealous,
overrated, underrated, etc.  The load is really beginning to become taxing.

Since I'm on the subject, this is my ideal remedy (I can dream, can't I?):

Give Tom Ridge a real job: spam cop.  Pass federal legislation which
establishes a fee/tax on unsolicited bulk email.  I.E. - don't outlaw bulk
email; after all, it's an effective way to communicate.  Just impose a cost.
Give the proceeds to the RIAA for no reason.  No, scratch that.  Use the
proceeds to fund the agency that investigates and prosecutes violators.

Ron Peterson                   -o)
87 Taylor Street               /\\
Granby, MA  01033             _\_v   ---- 

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