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Linux vs FreeBSD, and other *NIXes

I saw something I missed earlier - its in this thread somewhere....  It
says that Linux has very little offical oversight - although I have never
contributed code to the kernel I have heard that is not the case.  I have
heard the maintainer will readly not accept code that isn't up to par.  It
seems to me that a project like this couldn't survive without a person at
the top.  So their are maintainers of sections (i.e net, scsi, ppc,
etc..) and then a maintainer of the entire project.  From what I can see
their is alot of oversight from a few people and many people are sending
them code.

Did I miss something somewhere?

> David Kramer wrote:
> > This is really a scaled-down "cathedral and bazaar" experiment, as linux 
> > is developed by thousands with very little official oversite, while BSD is 
> > guarded by a smaller group.

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