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Linux vs FreeBSD, and other *NIXes

> I saw something I missed earlier - its in this thread somewhere....  It
> says that Linux has very little official oversight - although I have never
> contributed code to the kernel I have heard that is not the case.  I have
> heard the maintainer will readily not accept code that isn't up to par.
> Did I miss something somewhere?

Perhaps.  Perhaps it is a matter of perspective.  By 'Official
Oversight', I assumed the author meant oversight by someone in
authority outside of the coding group, such as a non-technical
manager/boss, or some standards setting agency.  Perhaps it was
something particular to that environment, but when I was a technical
consultant in DuPont, official oversight meant outside influence, that
we would be judged by someone who was not one of us.  Since I was in
the Division of Commercial Explosives, this meant that the ATF, DoT,
DoE, DoI BoM, OSHA, MSHA, and on rare occasion, the DoD held that


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