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Linux vs FreeBSD, and other *NIXes

Actually, if you in Monterey as I was for the Usenix conference a
couple weeks ago, then you probably saw Linus suggest that the issues
with "medium" range scaling are largely, if not completely, resolved.
The only remaining scaling issues are ones that haven't actually been
discovered or fully analyzed yet -- in the 32-64+ processor range.  Of
course, this is probably all unstable kernel code and it looks like
it'll be a year or more before 2.6 is released.

I think the file-system scaling issues are more damning, frankly.

#if Jerry Feldman /* Jun 22, 08:24 */
> I don't have figures, but Linux does not scale well above 4
> CPUs. Most commercial Unixes are designed to scale.
#endif /* gaf at */

Andy Davidoff
Sen. Unix SysAdmin
Tufts University

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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