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Install on Dell PowerEdge w/ RAID 5

On 2 Mar 2003 Ben Jackson wrote:

> 	I've assumed you've poured though dmesg and looked for anything
> coming up on the drives? I am pretty sure Slack 8.1 has built in suport
> for the Dell RAID controllers on the scsi.s kernel that is included with
> the distro. If that doesn't seem to work you can try 
> which has a link to a SCSI disk image that has
> RAID support for most Dell Adapters (Toward the end of the page). Hope
> this helps.

Ben thanks ... I found out a little myself, and posted to the Dell list 
where Matt Domsch chimed in.  Turns out you need to use the raid.s 
kernel (scsi.s and adaptec.s don't have the RAID support).  With that 
it sees the PowerEdge RAID controller (an AMI megaraid card) with no 

What that didn't do was solve the CD-ROM problem -- the CD-ROM was on 
an aic7xxx controller and raid.s does not support that.  What I figured 
out for that was to get aic7xxx.o from another system (fortunately I 
had one!) and put it on a floppy.  On the target system I booted with 
raid.s, mounted the floppy, and did an insmod /mnt/floppy/aic7xxx.o.  
Then I could install from the CD.

 Tom Rawson

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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