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Install on Dell PowerEdge w/ RAID 5

Scott thanks for the help ...

> You don't mention, so I assume you're using 'raidtools' (and a
> recent one at that, like 0.90 or 1.x?). An alternative to 'raidtools'
> is 'mdadm'. Configuration and troubleshooting in mdadm is
> (supposedly) more straightforward. I'm preparing to build a RAID on
> my linux tower using mdadm so I can answer some of your questions,
> but not all of them. 

No, sorry if that wasn't clear.  I was trying to start up and do the 
install on a new system.  No raidtools available!  Also, as far as I 
know md allows you to do software RAID.  I have an AMI RAID controller 
and hardware RAID 5 so I don't, as far as I know, need or wantr to use 

> A functioning RAID looks like one block device to the kernel; it doesn't
> appear as SCSI (IDE, firewire etc.). The underlying components (like sda, or
> sda1, hda1 etc) should always exist as a device.

I did get it running (see separate message) and the way it works with 
hardware RAID is that -- if you have the whole array set up as one 
drive in the RAID controller -- it all shows up to the kernel as sda.

 Tom Rawson

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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