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Fwd: Linux guru needed to write device driver. Burlington, Massachusetts.

Duane Morin wrote:
> The scary thing is how many resumes he's going to get from people that 
> have no clue how to write a linux device driver but are willing to give it 
> a shot and think that they can just read a book on it before showing up 
> for work.

...Which actually raises a question I've had kicking around my brain for 
a while but never got around to asking: I've been wanting to look into 
writing some drivers for some old hardware I have (3-d input devices, 
maybe some shutterglasses or something)--and yes, I know it's going to 
be a colossal task which I may well not finish, but I figure that if I 
even at least start the things I'll learn more about driver programming 
than I would if I just let the stuff sit on my desk and continue 
gathering dust. And, as has been so well demonstrated, such knowledge 
could come in handy down the line.

So my question (since there actually wasn't one in the last paragraph) 
is: where's a good place to start? I don't have any device driver 
experience with any platform, but I know how the stuff interfaces (well 
enough to build my own cables, anyway). Are there books, web sites, 
tutorials... or is my only hope to try muddling through kernel sourceand 
seeing what others before me have done, and then trying to build up from 


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