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Fwd: Linux guru needed to write device driver. Burlington, Massachusetts.

On Tuesday 04 March 2003 12:36 pm, Chris Meyer wrote:
> So my question (since there actually wasn't one in the last paragraph)
> is: where's a good place to start? I don't have any device driver
> experience with any platform, but I know how the stuff interfaces (well
> enough to build my own cables, anyway). Are there books, web sites,
> tutorials... or is my only hope to try muddling through kernel sourceand
> seeing what others before me have done, and then trying to build up from
> there?

Note: As soon as I finish this fscking J2EE class I'm hating so much, my two 
high-priority projects are:
- Get my DVD burner working (a few days I hope)
- Get more into device drivers and embedded applications (a few years I hope)

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