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Fwd: Linux guru needed to write device driver. Burlington, Massachusetts.

I thought I saw a driver for this very piece of equipment written in perl
in last months LinuxJournal ;-)

Why not go to some experts/professionals/hacks? (flame on) and contract
RedHat to do it for you.  Or Suse for that matter... Or pay Don Becker
to do it...  Read through the existing driver code and look for names.

Is there a Windows driver available? Perhaps you can run it in WINE ;-)

I'll shut up now...

"Drew Taylor" wrote:
> Wizard said:
> >
> > I'm not so sure it's that easy. I haven't written any true OS device
> > drivers, but I have written hardware-level code, 8051 embedded code,
> > and 80x86 assembly language stuff, and for that I really had to
> > understand some things about how the hardware itself worked <snip>
> But of course! You're dealing with a much lower level than a user-land
> application. I never said it would be easy. Just perhaps easier than
> starting from scratch. I also remember posts on other lists suggesting
> this as well. I started college as an EE major, so I'm not _100%_ (maybe
> 90%) clueless about these sorts of things. ;-)

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