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Fwd: Linux guru needed to write device driver. Burlington, Massachusetts.

Christoph Doerbeck a242369 wrote:
> I thought I saw a driver for this very piece of equipment written in perl
> in last months LinuxJournal ;-)

The humor doesn't elude me. :)

> Why not go to some experts/professionals/hacks? (flame on) and contract
> RedHat to do it for you.  Or Suse for that matter... Or pay Don Becker
> to do it...  Read through the existing driver code and look for names.
> Is there a Windows driver available? Perhaps you can run it in WINE ;-)

To the first, two reasons: it's not worth it is the first and biggest 
one (primary interest is a POS (and that's not "point of sale" ;) 
Techmedia 3-D mousey input thingamajigger with a trigger and blinky 
lights that has only a very limited utility factor). The second reason 
is that then I wouldn't get to learn what I otherwise would about driver 
programming by doing things the hard way. Going to experts is all well 
and good, but the only resources I'd like to expend on this are temporal 
and not fiscal. And, to reiterate, it's just not worth it. It's a hobby 

As for there being windows drivers avilable, I don't know if this thing 
has worked since windows 95. Certainly not since after 98. And heck, it 
might be true that it would work in WINE. But see the two points above. :)


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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