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Redhat 8 the hard way... adding GNOME afterwards

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"Scott Prive" <scottprive at> writes:

> [grumble gumble..]
> I need some advice troubleshooting an incomplete or faulty GNOME install.
> It's not a huge problem -- I have workarounds, and I could hack my "." files
> if needed, but I'd like to fix this 'correctly'.

I just had a similar problem myself. My main Linux box died a few months 
ago, and I just put in a new motherboard to resurrect it this weekend. 
I was having difficulty with the install, and finally gave up on the CDs 
and did a bare-bones install over NFS. 

After that I poked around to figure out how to easily add the rest. 
In earlier releases there was gnorpm, but that disappeared a while back. 
I finally found that the replacement is called "redhat-config-packages", 
and it provides essentially the same graphical view that you see during 
installation (not full-screen, unless you run at 800x600 resolution).
Installing all the gnome stuff was trivially easy after that. 

My one complaint was that it insisted on installing from the actual CDs; 
I saw no way of pointing it to an iso image or a directory of RPMs. 
With gnorpm, I could just point it at the distribution's RPMS directory 
on a remote NFS server. 

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