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Redhat 8 the hard way... adding GNOME afterwards

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From: "John Abreau" <jabr at>
To: "Scott Prive" <scottprive at>
Cc: <discuss at>
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 6:43 AM
Subject: Re: Redhat 8 the hard way... adding GNOME afterwards

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> "Scott Prive" <scottprive at> writes:
> > [grumble gumble..]
> >
> > I need some advice troubleshooting an incomplete or faulty GNOME
> > It's not a huge problem -- I have workarounds, and I could hack my "."
> > if needed, but I'd like to fix this 'correctly'.
> I just had a similar problem myself. My main Linux box died a few months
> ago, and I just put in a new motherboard to resurrect it this weekend.
> I was having difficulty with the install, and finally gave up on the CDs
> and did a bare-bones install over NFS.
> After that I poked around to figure out how to easily add the rest.
> In earlier releases there was gnorpm, but that disappeared a while back.
> I finally found that the replacement is called "redhat-config-packages",
> and it provides essentially the same graphical view that you see during
> installation (not full-screen, unless you run at 800x600 resolution).
> Installing all the gnome stuff was trivially easy after that.

Although Debian doesn't have much in the way of installer friendliness, it
DOES have metapackages and automatic selection of dependencies. If this
fails, I think I'm back on Debian.

> My one complaint was that it insisted on installing from the actual CDs;
> I saw no way of pointing it to an iso image or a directory of RPMs.
> With gnorpm, I could just point it at the distribution's RPMS directory
> on a remote NFS server.

Thanks for the tip, especially since I don't keep a CD drive in the box...

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