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Cable/ADSL routers with print spooler

Thanks for reading this. I've written to ask for help selecting a 
Cable/ADSL router for my house.

I've been using Redhat 7.1 and an old 486 for my firewall, but it's 
showing its age and I'd like something quieter, so I'm looking to buy 
a Cable/ADSL router.

I've had good results with a Linksys BEFSR41, but it doesn't have a 
print spooler, and since my Redhat box handles printing for the 
other machines on my home lan, I'd like a router with a print spooler 

So, please give your opinions on the best price/value combination for a
home Cable/ADSL router having these features:

1. 10/100 Ethernet switch (not hub)
2. Four Ethernet ports minimum.
3. Print spooler
4. Ability to block or allow traffic - 
   A. By machine MAC address
   B. By TCP port

Of course, other bells and whistles are welcome but not essential.

Thanks in advance.

Bill Horne

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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