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Cable/ADSL routers with print spooler

I don't think you'll find a consumer-level (cheap) broadband router that
also does print spooling. You could step up to a faster system and modify it
for low/no-noise.

An old sub-400Mhz Celleron is perfect for this - you could run passive
cooling on it. Someone will have a bigger P3 heatsinks you could recycle.
For the OS, you can modify Knoppix and boot off a CD. If the motherboard
doesn't support CD booting, you can floppy-boot and point to the CD device.
I haven't used it, but Knoppix has a good reputation for a "live" Linux on

Power it with an external power supply, sacrifice the hard drive completely
and you can spool print jobs to RAM.

OR -- If you don't want to spend the extra bucks on a external PS, you can
modify your internal power-supply to run on low-CFM fans. For proper
cooling, you might need to fasten a a stock-box CPU heatsink onto the
existing "heatsink" inside, cutting clearance holes in the case and
re-mounting the PS lower if needed.

Just make sure it's unplugged when you do this and there are no metal
shavings lying around :-)  If you are comfortable with the subject there are
how-to webpages out there..

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From: "Bill Horne" <bill at>
To: <discuss at>
Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2003 7:52 AM
Subject: Cable/ADSL routers with print spooler

> Thanks for reading this. I've written to ask for help selecting a
> Cable/ADSL router for my house.
> I've been using Redhat 7.1 and an old 486 for my firewall, but it's
> showing its age and I'd like something quieter, so I'm looking to buy
> a Cable/ADSL router.
> I've had good results with a Linksys BEFSR41, but it doesn't have a
> print spooler, and since my Redhat box handles printing for the
> other machines on my home lan, I'd like a router with a print spooler
> included.
> So, please give your opinions on the best price/value combination for a
> home Cable/ADSL router having these features:
> 1. 10/100 Ethernet switch (not hub)
> 2. Four Ethernet ports minimum.
> 3. Print spooler
> 4. Ability to block or allow traffic -
>    A. By machine MAC address
>    B. By TCP port
> Of course, other bells and whistles are welcome but not essential.
> Thanks in advance.
> Bill Horne
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