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Thin Clients

Hello,  I figured I would post here. I've attended about 8 or so BLU 
meetings so I may have met a few of you a while back but I usually 
remain mute on the mailing list however I have few questions regarding 
thin clients.  I have a client who wants to set up between 4-8 
(possibily more) very low profile computers just for the purpose of 
internet browsing and word processing, naturally we will be using a 
Linux solution.   I have setup other text terminals under linux and i've 
also forwarded X sessions to older 486s, however i haven't much 
experience with graphic terminals or thin clients in general.  The setup 
i'm looking to do would involve one Linux server forwarding a GDM 
session to each thin client.  I've done a bit of research but i'm still 
unsure what brand/type of thin client would be the best approach.   Can 
Sun Rays provide this or do I need a Solaris server?  Also is this any 
brand someone might recommend, I'd like to accomplish this as cheap as 
possible but I don't mind spending extra money for better hardware.   
I've looked on eBay and found NCD Exploras, Sun Rays, Wyse terminals, 
and other brands ranging from 40-250 dollars.   Obviously i'd assume the 
thin client I buy would have to support X11, correct?  Any hardware or 
setup suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Michael MacDonald
macado at

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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