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thin clients

I have looked into the Linux Terminal Server Project before, it is 
probably the solution I am going to go however I was looking for more of 
a thin client hardware solution,  typically quiet diskless terminals.  
The reason I was thinking about taking this route is because of the fact 
they are small and many run without fans.  There was also a computer 
called which would be perfect for what I am trying to do 
however it appears to be 199.99 and i'm not sure whether it is available 
for personal use anymore however I could always low-end computers. I 
have found a few X-terminals by a company called NCD that look 
encouraging.   Just a few questions though, how is the general 
performance for web browsing / email purposes if my client PC was at 
least a pentium 233mhz.  The server no doubt will be at least as 
powerful as you described definitely employ a 100mbps switch with a 
decent amount of ram.

Are their any decent X-terminals for around a 200-300 price tag or am I 

Michael MacDonald
macado at

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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