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pump, AT&T, and dhcp...

Greetings all.  Tried searching and got tired of not getting the answers 
I'm looking for.  So I figured I'd try here.

Here's my scenario: I'm signed up with AT&T/Comcast and just recently did a 
computer swap (a P200 for a P133) for my Linux router.  The NICs are all 
working fine.  I've no problem with it during the switch.  However, I've 
used pump throughout the entire time because of its ability to execute 
scripts.  I'd use dhcpcd but I kinda prefer pump over it.  After the 
switch, I've been having trouble getting an IP from the DHCP server.  I 
later found out that pump isn't working anymore yet dhcpcd does.  I also 
noted this in the syslog when pump is attempting to retrieve an IP address 
from the dhcp server.

pumpd[15907]: reject: xid: 0xd136152f <--> 0x5b55c303

I saw several messages like it and I tried to figure out what it was or why 
it's doing it.  I was completely stumped and I ended up using dhcpcd to 
retrieve my IP address from the server.  So does anyone here happen to know 
what kind of error is this and how to interpret it?  It's not a  problem 
but I'd like to see if I can fix it anyway, since it's a preference of mine 
to use a different dhcp client.

PS: I'd try a different NIC but I'm unsure what exactly is the situation 
with NICs and AT&T/Comcast (plus, I'm out of spare NICs that has a 
DIFFERENT chipset).  Previously I've been using the same NIC because AT&T 
supposedly locks cmodem access via the NIC's MAC address.  Recently a 
friend of mine's NIC died and went out to buy a replacement.  So we tried 
it, did not work, called up AT&T's support line, and was told that it 
should work since they don't track MAC addresses anymore.  So which policy 
holds true?

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