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pump, AT&T, and dhcp...

On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 11:13:31AM -0500, DJ wrote:
> I saw several messages like it and I tried to figure out what it was or why 
> it's doing it.  I was completely stumped and I ended up using dhcpcd to 
> retrieve my IP address from the server.  So does anyone here happen to know 
> what kind of error is this and how to interpret it?  It's not a  problem 
> but I'd like to see if I can fix it anyway, since it's a preference of mine 
> to use a different dhcp client.

I've found only ISC's dhcpcd and the udhcpc in Debian to work
consistently with ATT. pump works intermittently, and I believe that
this is ATT's fault.

> PS: I'd try a different NIC but I'm unsure what exactly is the situation 
> with NICs and AT&T/Comcast (plus, I'm out of spare NICs that has a 
> DIFFERENT chipset).  Previously I've been using the same NIC because AT&T 
> supposedly locks cmodem access via the NIC's MAC address.  Recently a 
> friend of mine's NIC died and went out to buy a replacement.  So we tried 
> it, did not work, called up AT&T's support line, and was told that it 
> should work since they don't track MAC addresses anymore.  So which policy 
> holds true?

They used to, but they don't anymore. 


"When in doubt, use brute force."
                   - Ken Thompson

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