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[static] linking

Sure you do, the redhat boot cdrom/disk set.  Boot the cdrom, after it goes into the second stage install (after it loads all the modules for disk systems) you should be able to goto tty2 and have a root shell.  Mount your filesystems and fix away, you might need to chroot into the filesystems after you do this.  Another alternative is 'toms root boot disk'  which is a rescue disk specifically for stuff like this.


On Thu, Mar 20, 2003 at 12:05:47PM -0500, mike ledoux wrote:
> I'm actually just now having this problem on my RH8.0 system.  One
> of the updates I was applying today (via up2date) was for glibc; the
> upgrade failed in some strange way, causing up2date to hang while I
> had no glibc installed.
> Ok, so my rpm binary appears to be statically linked, and up2date
> left the glibc RPMs in /var/spool/up2date, but I'd been running
> up2date using sudo.  For some reason, the sudo RedHat ships appears
> to be not statically linked; likewise for the regular su command.
> So, I've got everything I need to fix this problem at hand, but no
> way to become root to do it.  What a PITA.

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