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[static] linking

miah <jjohnson at> writes:
>Sure you do, the redhat boot cdrom/disk set.  Another alternative is
>'toms root boot disk' which is a rescue disk
>specifically for stuff like this.

Two more options are the Knoppix and Bootable Business Card Linux

Another option for some situations is sash, a statically-linked shell
with many common commands builtin.  Here's part of its description:

       The  sash  program  is a stand-alone shell which is useful
       for recovering from certain types of system failures.   In
       particular, it was created in order to cope with the prob-
       lem of missing shared libraries or important  executables.

       ...many of the standard system commands are built-in to sash.
       These built-in commands are:

            -ar, -chattr, -chgrp, -chmod, -chown, -cmp, -cp,
            -dd, -echo, -ed, -grep, -file, -find, -gunzip,
            -gzip, -kill, -ln, -ls, -lsattr, -mkdir, -mknod,
            -more, -mount, -mv, -printenv, -pwd, -rm, -rmdir,
            -sum, -sync, -tar, -touch, -umount, -where

I have a lilo.conf entry that boots directly into sash:

However, sash does not have su builtin.

	 - Jim Van Zandt

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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