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How to control kde borders & titles

Does anyone know how kde decides what windows have borders  (and  how
thick), title bars, etc.?

The reason for the request is that  the  behavior  here  has  changed
mysteriously  several  times  recently.  Right now, new xterm windows
have no borders or title bar at all. Yesterday, they had both.  A few
weeks  ago, they had borders but no title bars.  Probably something I
did caused these changes, but I haven't found any clues as to what  I
might have done. I've grovelled through all the config thingies I can
find, and nothing seems to mention the subject or have any effect.

The current no-border behavior is especially annoying when two xterm
windows overlap and have the same background color.

Actually, the behavior of several weeks ago  (borders  but  no  title
bars) was something I really liked.  Xterm and other terminal windows
have a common property that  the  contents  of  their  title  bar  is
changed by lots of apps, but it is almost always incorrect for what's
currently in the window. Given this inaccuracy, it would be better to
just  eliminate the damned things, and free up the space for a couple
more lines of text.  I've learned how to do this with some other wms,
but not with kde (or gnome for that matter).

While I'm looking, I also hope to find a way to  control  the  border
thickness. I have a rather hi-res screen, and the borders are so thin
that it's really tricky to grab them with  the  mouse.   A  few  more
pixels  of thickness would really help, but kde's config windows seem
to lack any control for this.

It's gotta be documented somewhere ...

(Well, no; I suppose it doesn't. ;-)

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