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How to control kde borders & titles

On Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 04:13:20AM +0000, John Chambers wrote:
> Does anyone know how kde decides what windows have borders  (and  how
> thick), title bars, etc.?

In the X windowing system, this is controlled by a program called a
window manager. The default window manager for KDE is called the K
Window Manager, or KWM.

KWM is themeable -- that is, you can select a number of different looks
for it, and even design your own.

> Actually, the behavior of several weeks ago  (borders  but  no  title
> bars) was something I really liked.  Xterm and other terminal windows
> have a common property that  the  contents  of  their  title  bar  is
> changed by lots of apps, but it is almost always incorrect for what's
> currently in the window. Given this inaccuracy, it would be better to
> just  eliminate the damned things, and free up the space for a couple
> more lines of text.  I've learned how to do this with some other wms,
> but not with kde (or gnome for that matter).

All of this is controlled by the theme of KWM.

> While I'm looking, I also hope to find a way to  control  the  border
> thickness. I have a rather hi-res screen, and the borders are so thin
> that it's really tricky to grab them with  the  mouse.   A  few  more
> pixels  of thickness would really help, but kde's config windows seem
> to lack any control for this.

This as well.

You can find themes at will teach you how to create themes.


"When in doubt, use brute force."
                   - Ken Thompson

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