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the linux networking utilities hate me

Seth Gordon wrote:
> Grant Young wrote:
>> Maybe this will help?
>> route add default gw

Yep, tried that, no luck.

When I boot the machine up and it reads the network configuration file, 
and I type route -n, I get

Destination    Gateway       Genmask          Flags ....  UH    ....          UG    ....

When I type "ifconfig eth1", it reports an address of, 
broadcast, netmask  The base station has 
(according to its Web interface) address, netmask, gateway

I can use the wireless card on my wife's new Windows laptop to reach the 
rest of the Net through the base station, so it seems that everything on 
that end is set up properly.

// seth gordon // sethg at // //

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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