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Any way to make Verizon cure a bad DSL line?

Verizon had a "bad"  server (DSL) in my area that was driving me up a 
wall. It took me a month of phone calling, but they finally fixed it. 
They do not believe in making it easy. They assume everyone is an 
illiterate, it seems, until proven otherwise. They have a great amount 
of difficulty ever admitting they could possibly make a mistake or have 
a problem.

Whoever implemented their web pages and automated phone system really 
ripped off the the shareholders and the consumers at the same time. An 
almost admirable accomplishment, if it were not so darned despicable!

get the attention of a supervisor as quickly as possible, by exhausting 
the poor phone support tech of all other possible excuses. Actually, 
they are very nice and polite once you get to talk to a human.... ( You 
can say whatever you want to the machine... ;-) )

I ended up replacing my router and dsl modem, and got hooked into a one 
year commitment, before they would address the problem with any 
seriousness. I guess it is clear that if I had been more of a 
cheapskate, etc., etc., I could have gotten it fixed for free.

The one year commitment changed my monthly cost from $46+ to ~$30. I 
have had dsl since 2001 or 2002, maybe. It is quite a shell game they 
have going. It pretty much appears that few if any in the Verizon camp 
knows the score. Why should a long term monthly customer pay more than 
somebody "commiting" to a one year "contract." You basically know what I 
would rail about regarding consumers rights, so I won't.

Good luck

Richard Chonak wrote:

> Is there any way to get Verizon to fix DSL line problems when it is 
> not the ISP?
> I've been a satisfied subscriber to DSL service from Speakeasy for a 
> few years.  However, the line quality has declined to the point where 
> I can't get stable service any faster than 384/384 kbps.  (I'm paying 
> for 1.5M/384.)
> My apartment is 15,000 feet from the CO in Wakefield, which tests out 
> as 17,000 (somehow, "because the DSL modem adds 2000 feet").
> Provisioned rate    Margins, dB (down/up)    Stability
> 608/384            8/10            intermittent
> 384/384            11/11            steady
> In a recent effort to improve things, I ordered DSL service on a 
> separate line; Verizon provided it, but the margins on that line 
> weren't any better:
> Provisioned rate    Margins, dB (down/up)    Stability
> 1.5M/384        5/10            none
> Covad declared the line unfeasible, so the new service was cancelled.
> From what Speakeasy tells me, Covad has no leverage to get Verizon to 
> meet any quality standards.
> Do I have any options to make some improvement here?
> (I'm staying a Speakeasy customer, at least for now, because their T&C 
> allows home servers.)
> Really, what I'd like is a way to get Verizon to acknowledge a problem 
> and correct it.
> Thanks for any info, suggestions, etc.
> --RC

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