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Any way to make Verizon cure a bad DSL line?

Follow-up: I'm a Verizon customer. I do not think they would feel 
compelled to fix a non-direct customer's line (just does not make sense 
to me). The ISP (Speakeasy?) should deal with Verizon, since that must 
be the direct relation - just a guess really.

Al Wheeler wrote:

> Verizon had a "bad"  server (DSL) in my area that was driving me up a 
> wall. It took me a month of phone calling, but they finally fixed it. 
> They do not believe in making it easy. They assume everyone is an 
> illiterate, it seems, until proven otherwise. They have a great amount 
> of difficulty ever admitting they could possibly make a mistake or 
> have a problem.
> Whoever implemented their web pages and automated phone system really 
> ripped off the the shareholders and the consumers at the same time. An 
> almost admirable accomplishment, if it were not so darned despicable!
> Anyway,
> get the attention of a supervisor as quickly as possible, by 
> exhausting the poor phone support tech of all other possible excuses. 
> Actually, they are very nice and polite once you get to talk to a 
> human.... ( You can say whatever you want to the machine... ;-) )
> I ended up replacing my router and dsl modem, and got hooked into a 
> one year commitment, before they would address the problem with any 
> seriousness. I guess it is clear that if I had been more of a 
> cheapskate, etc., etc., I could have gotten it fixed for free.
> The one year commitment changed my monthly cost from $46+ to ~$30. I 
> have had dsl since 2001 or 2002, maybe. It is quite a shell game they 
> have going. It pretty much appears that few if any in the Verizon camp 
> knows the score. Why should a long term monthly customer pay more than 
> somebody "commiting" to a one year "contract." You basically know what 
> I would rail about regarding consumers rights, so I won't.
> Good luck
> Richard Chonak wrote:
>> Is there any way to get Verizon to fix DSL line problems when it is 
>> not the ISP?
>> I've been a satisfied subscriber to DSL service from Speakeasy for a 
>> few years.  However, the line quality has declined to the point where 
>> I can't get stable service any faster than 384/384 kbps.  (I'm paying 
>> for 1.5M/384.)
>> My apartment is 15,000 feet from the CO in Wakefield, which tests out 
>> as 17,000 (somehow, "because the DSL modem adds 2000 feet").
>> Provisioned rate    Margins, dB (down/up)    Stability
>> 608/384            8/10            intermittent
>> 384/384            11/11            steady
>> In a recent effort to improve things, I ordered DSL service on a 
>> separate line; Verizon provided it, but the margins on that line 
>> weren't any better:
>> Provisioned rate    Margins, dB (down/up)    Stability
>> 1.5M/384        5/10            none
>> Covad declared the line unfeasible, so the new service was cancelled.
>> From what Speakeasy tells me, Covad has no leverage to get Verizon to 
>> meet any quality standards.
>> Do I have any options to make some improvement here?
>> (I'm staying a Speakeasy customer, at least for now, because their 
>> T&C allows home servers.)
>> Really, what I'd like is a way to get Verizon to acknowledge a 
>> problem and correct it.
>> Thanks for any info, suggestions, etc.
>> --RC

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